Dadamoni – Unparallel

In a film we take out an average out of an actors performance and say that s/he did reasonably good. There have been many good actors who bring out solid almost perfect performances but it seldom happens that an actor is so absorbed in the character that all his limbs, all his facial expressions, all his eyes expressions work in synchronisation and what s/he delivers become a text book performance and s/he leaves no room for viewers to find any minute scope for searching any shortcoming in the performance. We may find many such scenes in Mughal-i-Azam by actors like Prithiraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Madhubala and Durga Khote and Ajit. But its a classic film. We have several such scenes enacted by all four actors Dilip Kumar, Rakhee, Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil in Shakti. Its again a film having major star cast. But when it happens in a small film like Khatta Meetha then its a pleasant surprise because normally directors of such films dont seek powerful performances from their actors. They go for scenes in collective manner and they care for narration of the story rather than to concentrate on one actors performance. Ashok Kumar had been an actor who did this kind of wonder in many scenes in many films where he rose above the scripts, scenes designed by the directors. Khatta Meetha : he plays a Parsi widower and has four sons. He works as a foreman in a factory. His colleague David, another parsiman, pursues him a lot for marrying again and after his persistent efforts, Ashok Kumar marries a widow Pearl Padamsee, who is mother of two sons and a fat daughter. Pearls elder son Rakesh Roshan starts loving his class mate Bindiya Goswami, who is daughter of a rich man, Pradeep Kumar. Because of her fathers disapproval of her love affair, Bindiya Goswami leaves her home and she comes to stay at Rakesh Roshans home. Ultimately they marry with the blessings and support of Ashok Kumar and Pearl Padamsee. Rich Pradeep Kumar takes it as his insult and he manoeuvres in order to punish Rakesh Roshans family. Ashok Kumars job is taken away. Their home is taken away and police seals the home and they start living in the garden, in front of their own house. Rakesh Roshan is beaten by goons. Seeing these atrocities, Bindiya Goswami, decides to go back to her fathers home so that he does not punish her in laws more. Rakesh Roshan is sad but he also approves her decision because he cant see his mother and step father and brothers in problem. Ashok Kumar sees this and he is extremely sad, angry and frustrated. He goes to Pradeep Kumars office to meet him. He has no appointment but he manages to enter his cabin. He has got 2 minutes to talk and what he does in that given time period is sufficient to send goose bumps to audience. His body language is fantastic. He is shivering with frustration and extreme rage and with the feeling that he is unable to make much harm to this powerful and rich man sitting behind this big table on his high luxurious chair. His dialogue delivery is superb. His facial expressions are with no mistakes. Was he acting or living those moments in reality. If that is acting then thats a celebration moment for any actor. If one can match that performance then he is certainly a great actor. Ashok Kumar is not a man there with young blood that he would be swayed away under false impressions. He is a matured man and he knows his limitations. But he is unable to resist his emotions. He cant see that someone harms his step son and his wife. An animal or a bird can be quite non-violent, a peaceful creature but when it sees that its child is under danger then it can turn in to a violent creature. Ashok Kumar turns in to that person, who can do anything in defence of his children. He is weak but his weakness has been turned in to the strength and courage. He has put on everything on stake and he fears none and nothing now. And having all understanding about his charcater, Ashok Kumar has done wonders in that particular scene. Ashok Kumar aka Dada Moni, has left long list of powerful performances behind him but even if one scene has to be selected to suggest his acting standard to newcomers then one scene from Khatta Meetha is sufficient. What a piece of acting!!!! So much intensity in a scene!!!! One has to see that scene to enjoy its beauty. Actors have to see that scene to learn the class of acting. Directors have to see that scene to bring depth in their actor’s acting. Many actors have been doing mimcry act on Ashok Kumar’s part of vast acting style and they have established an image that Ashok Kumar was limited to that kind of style only but to know Ashok Kumar’s depth as an actor, one has to see his peformances in the scenes like abovementioned scene in Khatta Meetha. It has no usual mannerism which mimcry actors can catch. If an actor can copy this performance of Ashok Kumar then he should think that he has achieved in acting and he can now act independently in any role given to him.


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