Day of Shame !!!

Quite frankly, I have been blissfully ignorant about the politics in the Subcontinent for some time now. but for the last few months things were becoming a bit interesting in Pakistan. So much “In-your-face” farce by the ruling military regime, hollow promises, the sheer desperation in holding onto the “kursis of power”, the farsical extension of Olive branch to opposition parties only as a symbolic token for peace, blah blah.

In the heart of it I awlays had this funny feeling …Somethings Gotta give and give in bad. And how? The tension since Oct 18th (since Benazir returned home) was palpable as the fundamentalists were mounting this invisible pressure on her existence. And of course there was this underlying tension from the alqaeda as they thought her to be the most closest ally to the US of A. And finally, as the news filters in, it has become clear that AQ did plot her elimination and they have claimed responsiblity to that effect.

Its sad no doubt…..because I cant fathom that conspiracy / hatred / fear can be so dominating that it can push you to be so heinous. And its not the first time…nor this will be the last. Its a sad day and we just hope the unrest settles and the cloud of unstability / fear that has descended over the skyline of Pak …clears out soon.

I just hope the People of Pakistan understand and play a responsible role in choosing their governance in the coming elections (in case they go to polls).

While I write this, its high time that international peace seeking bodies or United nations or Shri Bush, diverts his attention to the Northern Provinces of Pakistan bordering Afganistan. Its a common knowledge that Baluchistan and the nearby hills have become a common hideout for fundamentalist / terrorist elements. Who knows if its your day you may bump into the ever so slimy Shri Laden. Also its time the world took Bangladesh seriously especially in and around areas of Chittagong, where so many upcoming terror outfits have mushroomed from (for eg.: huji). And its time to be merciless and embark on a wipe out fromt he face of earth phenomenon. Enough.

To me this ever present fear seems like a Billion Dollar business for some Nefarious elements. And somewhere it also gives a feeling that ther eis a lack in motive and intent in wiping them away. Dont know whether I agree and would have agreed with the polity of Ms. Bhutto, but I do believe the intentions were for Public Governance. And anyone with such intentions dont deserve that end. The subcontinent has lost far too many leaders in such fashions. It explains two things:

1. The poor Security Structure
2. The reluctance of the young and dynamic youth to pursue a career in Politics or Public Governance.

The State must take extreme measures, beef up their security, empower their armed forces and make a good example to boost the people’s confidence. Otherwise, in the long term there are graver repercussions for all of us. Our existence will be in jeopardy. And somewhere we will lose our freedom ….. only this time we wont have the inner strength to regain it back.

With Islamic Fundamentalism on the upswing in Pak and Hindu Fundamentalism very much a part of our polity in India…… where are we heading? I guess the reason for this rising is because noone feels secure anymore and they feel at least Religion (sheer groupism mindset of it) will provide them the security. Its a sad way to look at Religion yet ….. its a truth that the society hasnt left any choice for people. The desire to live … brings out deeds from people.

Its a sad day … and another day of shame for the subcontinent !!!


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