Education in India – How do we cover the gaps?

I like many others have been glued on to the telly, listening to various analyses on the union budget and related topics. I don’t understand whats the hype about. Why are people so critical on a budget that promises to put this ecomic scenario back on track in the next 3 years. One that promises to focus on generating Demand in the market by enhancing the purchasing power of the Aam Aadmi. I do agree that it could have been a bit more aggressive in its intent; nevertheless, it is right on track. We all knew the focus had to be on Rural India and Common man, and sectors like Education, Infrastructure, Health care etc. So what is causing rashes on our skins when the outcome is the same?

My analysis says that Mr. Mukherjee failed to make any “big” statement (read Glamorous Statements), that will cause pandemonium in the Dalal Street. Worth ignoring. I can see the stress of retaining their jobs so high on various economic commentators on these business channels that they are falling prey to any “sensational” techniques to gain attention. And then we the suckers do fall prey to these sensations and take certain steps which reflect on the marquee as sinusoidal curves of an ever so oscillating market.

However that’s not what I am here for today. I have been wondering how can a common man help enhance the economic state of a nation. And that led me to do a bit of a study across various economies in the world. And the ones that are growing at a much higher pace had one significant advantage over India (apart from having a much leaner population to deal with), and that was the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

From owning a Meat shop, to being a florist, to being a Botanical Consultant (don’t fall for the fancy title, they take care of your plants at home – by watering them every day), Manicure Consultants etc etc, the scope and opportunity in the Entrepreneurial world is endless. And in some countries they don’t have preconceived hang ups against taking up any profession. The society respects the spirit of being on your own rather than what you are into. So if you have a competency (in anything), make it into a business. It solves two needs – one the need to be earn money, and the second the need to do something that you like and enjoy doing (and are competent too).

Now lets look at ourselves. Are we doing what we like to do? Are we the most competent in the work that earns money for us, or is there something else that we can do better but we aren’t pursuing that as a career as the scope to earn similar money is limited? Are we scared to take risks? Are we working for others, when we can probably do similar work for ourselves and make money for ourselves?

Probably, majority of you (and that means I am hoping someone will read this blog), will answer in affirmative to the above questions. Nothing wrong in it. And your are not the only ones. And you are not guilty of anything. It is the system around us that has made us pussyfooters. Tender hearted and scared-crows.

When we are growing up we listen our teachers saying – Whatever is taught in the class only stick to that, don’t try to act smart !!! If we are playing cricket, we are made to run 10 rounds of the cricket ground if we try something out of the copybook, something innovative? All our growing days, we are forced to study so that we can engineers and doctors and either get a Govt. job or get an “Achchi Naukri” (Good decent job). When we do get one, our managers don’t let us try anything out of ordinary as they don’t want to jeopardize their bare minimum results, As we go out to invest tour hard earned booty, the market experts scream at us go for mutual funds – play safe !!!

So where on earth do I learn – How to be innovative? How to make money? How to have a “jigar” that can take risks? How do learn entrepreneurship? How do I become liberated?

With those questions in mind when I look closely at the budget – I do find a massive gap. While more IITs are planned, to me they appear to be institutions that will create more readymade bonded labours with truncated creativity and enhanced “yes bossiness”.

I would want the government to look at overhauling the education system to bringing in the entrepreneurial genes within youngsters and then provide them opporunties to be on their own feet so that we do not loose people to other countries (they go there to be employees –just a point), but be here and contribute to our economy.

Someone said (Obviously had to be a wise man)- More the entrepreneurs in an economy, more recession proof the economy is !!!


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