Saar ! All Izzzz Well !

Indian tour manager Shivlal Yadav’s report to BCCI post Sydney test !!

Dear Shri. Srinivasan,
Wanna Come! (Or Wanna Go?)

The match just ended (Just in case you missed) and our performance was consistent – We lost, again and on the 4th day! Don’t go by what people write (especially the TV channels), its nowhere remotely as dire as they are making I sound. Trust me the Morale is sky high!
Just to make things more specific let me enumerate the positives emanating from this game:

  1. We won the toss, now cmon – that’s never happened in a test match for almost 3.5 years.
  2. Dhoni scored a 50, his highest score in Australia in a test – Huge positive (even Umesh was inspired after that)
  3. We have been ridiculed for a long time that we call teams home and ask Sehwag to score 250+ in Tests and ODIs. Since Gooch in 1991 we haven’t obliged any intl. batsman with a 300, so here we are, in the 100th game at SCG letting their captain achieve this infront of their PM on the Pink day – Talk of bilateral relations. This one will certainly earn you and Manji a lot of Pinky points.
  4. We tried 9 bowlers – Happy to report that Even VVS and Wall are in good bowling form
  5. You wanted Hussey to be brought back in form just before CSK’s next IPL season – Well there you are
  6. I had a quiet word with Virat on the third day morning and conveyed your message to get his stiff fingers some exercise, I think you would agree he has done enough to prove it to the world he is “Digitally” sound! Also talking of him he has been requesting me for the “Water” job, its time I obliged.
  7. M S Dhoni tried 846 different fielding combinations, from Fletcher’s unpublished book “How to Lose Ashes in 10 days”, I must say they aren’t hypotheses anymore – but tried and tested phenomena
  8. We scored 300, 400 both in one innings – now that is huge! In fact we have taken Sri Shastri’s suggestion and heading to the local beach for the next days to celebrate this stupendous Morale milestone
  9. You will be delighted to know Sehwag is very well rested as he ensured he had a good sleep when India batted – both innings.
  10. Gautam Gambhir finally overcame the after effects of that head injury he suffered in England, he told me yesterday “he is able to see again”. Oh, can’t tell you how inspirational a moment that was for everyone
  11. Ravichandra Offspin has been brilliant, he has been batting very well. You remember the mental trauma he went after missing that single against West Indies. He has been working hard. In fact he is a big plus for us because he has been learning from every four hit against him to bolster his batting abilities.
  12. Finally Sachin Tendulkar. Anna, What do I say? The man is in the form of his life. But I don’t want to talk on that statistical expectation that everyone is talking about. I just want to say he did not go out with some overt waving of bat etc. that means he will be back – in Sydney in 2021. Trust me nothing can be more motivating and positive than that. He has infact started his Autobiography titled “So-nia, yet so far” – that might get him that UPA ticket he always wanted , nahi?

Now if you look at what Australians have gained its miniscule in comparison. A few hundreds, a triple 100, a five fer etc. These are routine and you and I have always agreed that Win and loss are just statistics what is important is that game within a game. We were winners all the way there.
Don’t worry saar ! I assure you we are doing the right things. You just DRS – Drink, Relax and Sleep !
Keeping a Hawk eye …yours truly !


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