The changing face of Business #Networking.

Darryl Howes (Courtesy, the IOD Channel), underlines the changing face of modern day networking. It is changing. From the days of “business card exchanging frenzy” to being en event where you make a few deep connections (Less is More) – it has certainly come a long way.

Darryl, weaves the concept of networking into 3 components:

1. Prepare: Don’t leave it on chance. Understand the Location, the occasion, Speakers, host etc. Do groundwork and research around – Who’s going to be there, connect with the host and understand from them on the attendees etc. Preparation is useful, in getting all geared up for identifying the people / connection we would like to pursue in earnest.

2. Doing it: Any skill can only be developed if practiced often in a real time scenario. Would be good to start in the locality – looking out for the networking events. Focus on Lesser but deeper connections  (instead of running behind numbers or collecting business cards). Connections that are meaningful and relevant.

3. Follow up: It would be futile, if we don’t follow yup on the commitments made during those meaningful connect conversations. So its imperative to follow up timely with the necessary reverts, and continue the regular conversations/connections going to keep those relationships healthy and meaningful.

Very useful !


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