Down Under Diary – Run up to Round 2

yadav-2612-350_122811090626Some changes needed for the Brisbane test in the India side. Am not sure how much spin friendly is that wicket. The changes for me are:

  • MS for Saha, (chances are MS might sit this one down too)
  • Ashwin for Rohit – Am backing Ashwin to bat as well as Rohit (as of now their test records look very identical – so might as well go with an additional bowler who can bat a bit). Ashwin does have a good cross batted game, and does have the height to his advantage while batting.
  • Umesh for Karn.
  • I am pondering on Shikhar vs Raina too. However, will persist with former for the moment – he had a tough call against him the second innings at Adelaide, and his intention for once was to leave the short stuff which is good to see.
  • Bowlers need to be worked upon a bit. Shami and Aaron, will need to work over the next one day on understanding and reducing their margins of error. Too many boundary balls reducing their efficacy – even if they bowl 2/3 good balls. Ishant responds well to Dhoni, question is if the others will too.
  • MS must leverage Virat’s voice while influencing the younger lot. (Will he?).

It will be ideal if we can look eye to eye at Gabba, or better if we can put one across here. There is nothing like going for the jugular when its least expected. It will be well and truly game on!

My recommended team:

Shikhar, Vijay, Cheteshwar, Virat, Ajinkya, MS, Ashwin, Shami, Aaron, Ishant, Umesh

Team that I think will play:

Shikhar, Vijay, Cheteshwar, Virat, Ajinkya, Rohit, MS, Shami/Ashwin, Aaron, Ishant, Umesh


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