Just Mauied!

One of the first views from the lobby of the hotel (Westin Maui Resort & Spa)
The town of Lahaina is quaint, and rich in extending a true Hawaiian hospitality. Its incredible to just take a walk on the streets to soak in the Sun and the fervor
One of the many unique experiences is the Vintage European Posters shop
They are unique, as they do not have a website, and one has to physically visit this shop, spend a few hours sifting through their exclusive & limited editions of some of most iconic posters from around the world. And yes! they do come a princely price tag
A boat ride into the ocean is exhilarating, as one doesn’t know what awaits them. For example, this was our first trip for an under water submarine experience. And lo behold, a pod of Spinner Dolphins decided to say “Aloha!”
The submarine experience wasn’t a great one from a sighting experience view, but the knowledge of being at a 120 ft depth, did create a mild flutter in the tummy!
There isn’t any dearth of cinematic vistas in this land..
The West Maui mountains overseeing the oceans do tell a tale of a volcanic past. There is a certain calmness to their presence, almost to complement the oft raucous demeanor of the ocean
… they almost feel like sand mountains
We have seen a few shades of blue back in the day in the Philippines, but never something like this … the unadulterated splendor of Azure (view from the room)
A large part of the local economy stems from tourism and ocean excursions. And Jan – May being the season of Whales, its a busy time of the year for the boat companies
Did I say “season of whales”? Right on cue… #SunSalutation
Its incredibly fascinating to know that the Whales (females) travel all the way from Alaska to Hawaii waters to give birth and to strengthen their new born for the life ahead. Males, well they just tag along to be a pain at the wrong place and to create a lot of commotion.
Sighting of whales can be a long, arduous and non-gratifying pursuit, at times. So what do we do? click random island pics
Till another one blesses us with a glimpse…
We had a stellar team from Ultimate Whale Watch (Strongly recommend). They know the waters and they know Whales (almost at an encyclopedia level)
The Sun is almost a pivotal actor in the entire script of Hawaii. Its astonishing to witness the different seascapes it ends up painting through the day
There is nothing more energizing to see the Sun rising on the horizon…
For any fish lover, this is an absolute Heaven’s Kitchen. Seen here is a well done Mahi Mahi at The Cool Cat Café, Lahaina (some other options being Ahi, Monchong, Ono…and many many more)
Strongly recommend BanyanTreat – the house of Hawaiian Ice cream, Cookies and Mo’o. Especially VANILLA MACADAMIA CRUNCH (with toffee)  (absolute killer!)
You can take the Indian out of India, but not the India out of the Indian….never
Book, beer and beach!
Basking in the Sun was probably the most sought after activity for us …trying to thaw ourselves!
One of the better beaches to swim and snorkel – the Napili beach
One of the most recommended restaurant experiences is at Merriman’s, Kapalua. Located at one of most picturesque tips of the island, a good table can promise a breath taking view of the ocean, sun set and (if lucky) whales. The trick is to be there as early as possible (we booked a 4:30 pm table, and landed there at 4:15pm) – amazing Taro cakes, Monchong and Moscato!
The early dinner booking was worth every penny !
One can almost hear the grand symphony of a philharmonic orchestra, as the curtains come down for the day

Evenings have a festive feel all along the Kaanapali coast, with the air filled with strumming Ukuleles, aroma of freshly grilled seafood, clanking of wineglasses and plethora of laughter, whale stories and golf anecdotes
And when Patriots and Chiefs take their battle into extra time… a lot of folks stay put in their room glued to their TVs, munching on the last bits of their nails..
There are so many reasons one tends to smile here.. Desserts are definitely a prominent reason! (Seen here is the nameless “strawberry pie” at MonkeyPod Kitchen)
…. another strong recommendation on the Kaanapali stretch for some great food, great music and wonderful people (apart from that insane dessert)
The Whalers market at Kaanapali is a little shopping alcove with some fancy brands – one must visit the shops selling native art and souvenirs (truly eclectic!)
The setting sun (of the last day of the stay there) does have a sense of melancholy to it. The place tends to embrace you and make you feel, like you belong there. The thought of going back does have that tinge of sadness …
There is so much to take back – energy, warmth, memories, tan …and of course the Hawaiian blessing! #ThereIsSoMuchGoodWithTheWorld

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